Of course, the New York bodegas still sell 1 cup of coffee for $1, but for those with a more sophisticated palate, the below are the most delicious ways to stay caffeinated. Felix Roasting Co. has opened a new location in Manhattan, while another location of the stylish Midtown Cafe will remain temporarily closed until the restaurant can resume operations. Here are the best cafes in New York.

Enjoy your favorites under a pastel-colored umbrella or over a cup of coffee and a glass of wine at one of New York’s most popular coffee shops. 

Joe Pro Shop

The beans come here, and the selection from around the country changes from Colorado to Colorado for roasting, but the boutique is home to some of New York’s best coffees, from coffee roasters like Tim Hortons and Joe’s Coffee Roasters. You can enjoy the Kalita Wave drip croissants with a drink from Bien Cuit or top up with an avocado toast prepared by co-owner and coffee roaster Chris Broussard. 


Founder Rich Nieto focuses on sourcing beans from smallholders in Colombia and Peru, and the plants are roasted in his own coffee roasting plant in New York’s West Village. 

Variety Coffee Roasters

Try the salted chocolate biscuits at Williamsburg’s Leo or try the house – the house’s preferred rocket fuel, made from a combination of espresso, maple syrup, vanilla, and a hint of vanilla pod. Don’t miss their popular maple latte over the holidays, but come for the espresso-based drinks. One of five elegantly designed cafes stretching from Brooklyn to the Upper East Side, Variety Coffee offers a wide selection of coffee and espresso-based drinks, from latte macchiato to smoothies, coffee, mugs, espresso drinks, and more. They come in a range of flavors including coffee, tea, hot chocolate, iced tea, and even coffee with espresso beans. 

Everyman Espresso

While the popular Soho outlet is currently closed, the other three locations – in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Upper East Side – are open. 

Expect professional espresso-based drinks made with ethically-sourced coffee beans and inspired cocktails, as well as a wide range of artisanal coffees. For many, a room where you get a raw intimacy from one side of a high-quality coffee to the other, and the room itself is a profoundly New York experience that makes you feel thirteen years later (excellent dripped coffee doesn’t hurt, either). Take a seat at the bar or enjoy the roast – on – your own roast on the newly built outdoor terrace. Culture is the holy grail of Midtown coffee, with a sea of fresh, roasted – ground, hand-roasted – organic coffee on tap and a selection of local brews from local farmers. 

Culture Espresso

While many other local cafes outsource bakery products, Culture has acquired a cult following for its warm, gooey chocolate cookies that always come fresh from the oven. That’s why Midtown, which has two more locations, is full of it, and it’s the espresso drinks that perfectly capitalize on the neighborhood’s passion for coffee and espresso-based drinks that make neighborhood residents come back. The range of rotating roasters extends from the heart of Portland to the counterculture of North Carolina, with a wide selection of coffees from local farmers and roasters, as well as a selection of artisanal coffee beans. 

Some of the best cafes are located in Nolita, but Cesar Vegas “Pint Cafe Integral is characterized by its unique blend of almond and coconut milk that you can find throughout the city. Here you will find beans separated by producer, which are brewed in a small batch, so as not to distract from the taste of the individual beans. The two espresso varieties change daily, and Vega, who roasts his beans in Brooklyn, makes this a particularly convenient stopover.

New Yorkers love their coffee, and these best cafes provide everyone a source of easy and cheap energy. After all, we all need our cup of coffee, and we love it!

Coffee goes well with a morning walk in Central Park. Or with an afternoon on Broadway!

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