The selection of the best desserts in the city is like choosing the most iconic sights in each city. There are so many to choose from, and often it just depends on which neighborhood you are in. I’ve even compiled a list of the best desserts from New York City over the past 10 years, but there are a lot of great options, even more.

Red velvet donut

Red donuts are a slightly glazed version of the classic donut, but with a different flavor and texture. The store serves its donuts from 4: 30 a.m. and the 62-year-old, who buys the donuts, serves his typical red – and white – chocolate cake at around 4: 30 a.m. It’s like eating a cake in a deep-fried form, rather than in the traditional form they have cake.

On a hot day, the doughnuts are split and filled with cherry amaretto ice cream, resulting in an ice cream sandwich that puts everyone else to shame.

Salty Honey Pie

It’s impossible to have a conversation about cake in New York City, not raise four or twenty blackbirds. The sister – founders Melissa and Emily Elsen – started baking cakes to measure, and opened her first bakery in 2009. Her salty honey cake, which contains a sweet and salty combination of honey, vanilla and salt, is one of her most famous and unique creations. Large flakes of sea salt cover the cake and cut through the sweetness of the filling.

S’mores pie

Allison Kave – Keavy Blueher has sold hungry quantities of Smorgasburg since opening in Crown Heights in 2015. The cake is made from Graham crackers, made from scratches, roasted marshmallows and chocolate chips. It is a sweet and salty combination of honey, vanilla, caramel, chocolate and caramel sauce and is the perfect accompaniment to the sweet – and – savoury flavour profile of the cake.

Banana cream pudding

Magnolia opened its first location in the West Village in 1996 and now sells its banana pudding around the world. Vanilla waffles are covered with creamy vanilla pudding and condensed milk, resulting in one of the best desserts so rich and creamy that the tub of banana pudding is the real attraction. If you like to find yourself in a cupcake bakery, you can queue up for the cupcakes at this bakery, but if you need an excuse to order a second cup, the bakery will also issue a chocolate version. The portion size is a single serving and you can find it on the menu for $4.50 or $5.00 for a serving with two cups.

New York cheesecake

Like many cheesecake, the junior version does without a crust of Graham crackers and ricotta. This downtown Brooklyn institution has been serving its own version of cheesecake since the 1950s. It’s as if P. Diddy let the members of “Make Band” get away with their cross – escaping bridges and forgetting.

The Salty Pimp

While the restaurant serves a range of other flavours, the original version remains the most iconic and also has one of the best names. Salty Pimp, which began as a special in 2009 when Doug Quint and Bryan Petroff ran an ice cream van, has lived up to its name ever since.

Salted chocolate chip cookie

If you go to any relatively hip cafe in the city, you’ll find a dough can – the size of a swollen yeast can – and the couple opened a bakery in 2010. The dessert is elegantly served at Mister Softee and drizzled with a thick strip of dulce de leche, sprinkled with sea salt and dipped in chocolate to create a crispy-sweet exterior. Created by New York confectioners Agatha D’Agatha and her husband, the magic biscuits are perfectly salted and covered in melted chocolate. They are displayed in charming glass jars and are therefore an everyday sight, but the dessert can also be served alone or as an appetizer.

Hibiscus donut

This is the first batter chef Fany Gerson opened in a bed-stuy restaurant in 2010. Sweet and spicy, the hibiscus doughnut, inspired by GERSON’s childhood in Mexico, is infused with a sweet spice and makes you wonder why you ever bothered to eat any other flavor. The doughnuts, especially those glazed with bright pink HIBISCUS and frosted with flavors, have attracted attention since they were sold as a smorgasbord.

New York City does a lot right, and the city has given the world more than its fair share of great food and drink. I’m not making it up, but New York’s classic bread and chocolate cake version of the classic chocolate cake has dominated for decades. Be sure to check these best desserts of New York City!

These fine sweets go great with some Broadway comedies. But keep in mind that you have to exercise more if you have a sweet tooth (like me).

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