If you want to know why you should order the best latte in New York, go to your favorite latte game. We present the best lattes in New York, from the most popular to the least popular, and we want you to know which one you can order and why. 

Latte at Two Hands

Two Hands uses beans from Nicaragua, roasted in New York by its founder Cesar Vega. Almond milk is also available for those who are not too friendly with dairy farming. Cafe Clover’s gold-plated latte is a sight to admire on Instagram, but this latte is a great cup of new perfection – the wave. They serve one of the best lattes in New York, Tow Hands down!

Latte at Orwasher’s

Orwasher, which is located on the Upper East Side and is home to one of New York’s most popular coffee shops, serves Nobletree Coffee’s beans from the brand’s own farm in Brazil. It is only fitting that a café with such a nuanced history as Orwell’s has something of a tradition. The newly opened cafe and barbershop on the corner of West 42nd Street and Broadway is the perfect place for a latte tucked away in bright yellow and mug. 

 Latte at Three Seat Espresso & Barber

The ceremonial coffee roaster of Annapolis is the perfect place to consume espresso in combination with a fresh cut and shave or even as a side dish with a glass of wine. 

This classic cannot be called one of the best coffee shops in New York City and perhaps even in the country. 

Caffe Latte at Ferrara Bakery & Cafe

Ferrara has been a staple of Little Italy since 1892, and today La Colombe is pretty much synonymous with the New York coffee scene. While the café’s traditional latte may already be embracing 19th-century New Yorkers with its first sip, its old soul is as much a part of its history as the coffee itself. No – frills are highlighted in the chic earthenware that serves most of the drink, but it is coffee delicacy and conviviality that Ferrara originally created for a loving public. 

For maximum Instagrammability, visit the light-flooded NoHo location for a quick photo – the café in all its glory, as well as the light-flooded No Ho location. 

Beet-Chata at Chillhouse

The Chata beet is dusted with activated carbon powder and combines Horchata (evaporated milk, cinnamon, and vanilla) with beet powder, steam, and milk. The espresso does not contain espresso, but we make an exception for the beet chata with its rich, creamy texture and sweet, spicy taste. 

Latte at Ralph’s Coffee

The cafe at Polo’s flagship Fifth Avenue is probably the most picturesque latte setting in Midtown and doesn’t disappoint. The white banquet and counter top provide the perfect backdrop for the café’s bright, vibrant colors and vibrant lighting. Lauren Lauren, Ralph is all about experience and that experience is nibbled at the table at the Polo Bar. 

BIG Latte at Mudspot

Anyone who has ever seen the Mud logo or the brand’s own fragrance will recognize it immediately. Mudspot is one of New York’s most iconic cafes, and if you’re looking for an inimitable latte, you’ll find it here. 

At the very least, the best lattes in New York provide warmth in the cold. Or before a Christmas show on Broadway! Or probably after a day out skating in Central Park!