Stop by after work, throw a pebble through the front door and you will probably meet a café, but there are many others worth trying nearby. We’ve tried to select the finest coffee shops in New York!

Astoria Coffee

Astoria Coffee is perfect for quick pickup – me – and is a local cafe with friendly staff. It took me a while to find one that I really enjoyed, so I stopped by for work and there were many other “trial opportunities” nearby. 

Birch Coffee

With a beautiful, warm interior, Birch Coffee can count on the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. As soon as you enter the shop, you will enjoy the natural light that comes through the large windows that flood it with natural light. 

Cafe Grumpy

This neighborhood cafe, which started in Greenpoint, is a great place for a daily cup of Joe. They offer a variety of coffees from around the world, prepared in front of a bar. If you’ve ever had deconstructed coffee mugs, you know you might have to have a deconstructed cocktail someday. The blue bottle is one of many in the city that are offered in a variety of different colors such as red, green, blue, yellow, and orange. 


Devocion is a coffee roaster that gets its beans directly from Bogota, Colombia, and you can make your own coffee. Everything is given separately, but if you work in the Midtown area, there are plenty of drip coffees and freshly baked treats to buy. 

The store is spacious, the espresso is delicious and the prices will not break the bank, but the caffeine repair costs about $5 for a cup of coffee. 

Ground Support

This cozy cafe in SoHo is not usually full of tourists, but if you want a quick cup, the floor stand is begging with floor supports. 

If you’re interested in fluffy souffleuse pancakes, this is the original store in New York where you can get a delicious breakfast. For a good cup of coffee, you can count on Intelligentsia’s coffee chat, but Hi-Collar is an interesting café worth trying. Bebe is a small, Western-inspired Japanese cafe that offers an evening to linger. 

La Colombe

If you don’t mind queuing, La Colombe is worth a visit, and if you’re in Greenwich Village or Flatiron, stop by Stumptown Coffee’s coffee roaster. However, the company has two locations in New York City: one on the Upper East Side and another in Manhattan. The coffee here is so good There seem to be several locations in Manhattan, although some are quite busy. 

City of Saints

The City of Saints is a little hidden gem when it comes to delicious brews, and they offer a wide selection of coffee as well as a wide selection of pastries. The only location in Hoboken, New Jersey, is open on July 19, but they hope to open another in New York soon. At the hotel, the location at the Ace Hotel brings all kinds of people together and is a great place to enjoy a fresh brew and possibly meet new people.

New Yorkers love their coffee, so don’t be surprised by the large number of high-quality coffee shops in New York!

Do you want a dessert? Or some baked goods?

Coffee is a great source of energy to fuel a long walk in Central Park or an afternoon of Broadway shows!