Think of all the people who used to live in fear of francs and wheat, and think of the bakeries that replaced them. Many meet nutritional needs and limitations, but many do not because there is no access to fresh ingredients or because the ingredients are simply expensive. Here are the best healthy bakeries in New York City!

Sweets By Chloe

Now that she has successfully taken over, Chloe Coscarelli is on a mission to conquer the world of vegan baked goods. Esser is about to open a sweet little bakery in her Du Jour Take-a-Take joint, which also sells baked goods.

Blossom Bakery

Blossom’s Bakery’s carrot cakes taste about as good as the real one, and their carrot biscuits are delicious with peanut butter and chocolate chips (which people probably think is a good thing), but surprise even non-vegans – for – everything for free! Blossom runs an empire of vegan restaurants in New York and a dessert outpost that only opened in the fall.

Everything is organic and they have a decent selection of gluten-free products, so the universe of healthy bakeries in New York City is yours.

Erin McKenna’s Bakery NYC

Founder Erin McKenna is a pioneer of the alt-baking scene and has perfected the art of making treats a little less decadent. Everything is vegan and most treats are gluten-free, but McKenna uses a variety of healthy ingredients such as whole grains, nuts and seeds. They even use natural foods – dyes that can give you a health boost.

Jennifer’s Way

I’d pick up a famous Krispy Kreme doughnut every day, but everything tastes incredible without the compromise of crumbs on a biscuit or sandwich.

The bakery, which opened in March 2013, offers a GM-free menu that includes old-fashioned Pop Tarts, which are also vegan. Actress Jennifer Esposito has been making her own vegan bagels for years, filling her website with recipe information and even accusing a nearby store of lying about gluten-free bagel. The wheat-free treats are also baked with whole wheat flour, almond milk and a variety of other ingredients.

The Protein Bakery

For trainers and fitness fanatics, this is the source of too – sweet – for – sweet teeth. The bakery’s star power helps, but the product is flavored with whey protein and sold out on opening day, according to the website.

If you’re looking for buttery, delicious pastries, this is the place to be, as they are clearly located in the heart of the Fitness District. Brownies, cookies and blondes are sold at the bakery located at 5100 W. Main Street, just a few blocks from the fitness center. I tried the packaged brownies and was impressed by the quality of their brownies and biscuits.

Sans Bakery

Here’s the truth: a gluten-free bakery is a feat, but the sugar-free zucchini banana bread is enough to fulfill any vegan or gluten-free dream.

The biscuits are sweet and chewy, the bread and muffins moist and spicy, and they also make biscuits, bagels, brownies and donuts. You can order anything online, ship anything or buy the goods in person in your “hard café” (think coffee).


Tu Lu is a gluten-free shop best known for its regular and mini cupcakes topped with sweet and savoury toppings such as cinnamon, nutmeg and nutella. The bakery also produces a variety of muffins for those who crave savoury instead.

All recipes are gluten-free and many contain plenty of fiber and protein, and the ingredients are also listed on the website. In this upscale neighborhood, people avoid animal products and bake comfortably in their own homes and avoid baking. The cakes you order are gluten-free for special occasions such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve and birthday parties.

Vegan Divas

The treats are sold at the Uptown bakeries and in many locations, including Just Salad, Fairway and Whole Foods. If you’re wondering where to go for dessert in the heart of New York City, just a few blocks from downtown, check out this bakery.

With this paleo pumpkin bread recipe, you can make your own impressive dessert with Lauren Conrad, your favorite nutritionist. They are currently the only bakery in New York City to offer a vegan pumpkin bread for five dollars.

Brownies, black or white, are best at hitting or beating their conventional counterparts on the deli scale. If you have a great sweet pastry, go and have a full bakery, but if not, you can have it at home.

Fancy some coffee?

We’ve all gained some weight after Christmas, and the best way to lose it is Central Park!