Whether you are looking for a new bottle of wine for your next dinner party or a special occasion, you don’t have to compromise when you stay at home. If you need or need more, you can take a bottle home, whether for dinner, a party, then venture to these fine wine shops.

ForĂȘt Wines

Build your mind and palate by choosing from fresh grape varieties and funky natural wines selected by wine experts. In addition to regular wine tastings, pop-ups (think Vietnamese street food) prove that natural wine goes with all kinds of cuisine. Ops Restaurant in Bushwick is known for its good food and excellent wine, and there are plans to open another restaurant nearby, as well as a full service wine shop and wine shop.

Stranger Wines

Ceramicist Michal Sprecher used to make swirling plates and bowls, but now he has a wine shop and makes them available for purchase. Here you can browse through his collection of historic barware and then admire them or view the loaves, where you can taste one or two glasses of wine from a particular producer for each loaf.

Wild Wines

We have long advocated natural wine, which we call con, until it appears on Wildair’s tasting menu, but until recently we felt that the term “natural wine” was just an abbreviation for “it’s cool for restaurants,” even though people have been drinking real fermented grapes for thousands of years. Now we have gone a step further and added a full service wine shop and tasting room in the basement of the Market Line. The flavours and sustainability of the city centre have hit the wild waves and we love them.

Peoples Wine Shop

The venue takes you from Williamsburg to Greenpoint with a full service wine shop and a tasting room in the basement of the Market Line. It’s claimed to be one of the best wine shops and bars in New York, and that’s true. This Williamsburg, Mexico-based restaurant serves traditional Mexican cuisine, with an emphasis on local, organic and organic wines from around the world, as well as local craft beers.

Chambers Street Wines

Walking through the narrow entrance to this intimate gem of Tribeca, you can easily be distracted by the old grapes – maps line the walls, but once you have the region back in your sights, you will be enchanted by the wide range of wines and spirits on offer, from biodynamic wines to vintage Amaro. Here, founders Ashley Santoro and Caitlin McConnell celebrate the winemakers and vineyards of New York State. Leisir (pronounced “Leisirs”) is a wine shop and tasting room in the heart of Manhattan’s East Village. I love the stylish orange chairs and eclectic selection of wines from around the world, as well as local craft beers.

New York is full of excellent wine. But the truly top-end wine shops stand-out with class and quality. Check them out, buy a bottle and open it after a Broadway show or a long day in Central Park.

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